Meeting with Simon Polbennikov (МАЕ'2001), Barclays, London

Бизнес 16+

We are glad to invite you to a talk by Simon Polbennikov (MAE’2001), Managing Director, Quantitative Portfolio Strategy group at Barclays Research.
In an informal conversation, Simon will share his vision of the career opportunities in IB and his own career story with you. He will also talk about working and living in London, and will answer your questions. Please see Simon’s bio attached. The meeting will be held in ZOOM on 25th March, 7pm MSK.

Simon Polbennikov is a Managing Director in the Quantitative Portfolio Strategy group at Barclays Research. He advises institutional investors on quantitative aspects of portfolio management. Mr. Polbennikov is responsible for empirical research on investment strategies, hedging, portfolio construction, and benchmark customization. He joined Barclays in October 2008 from Lehman Brothers where he held a similar position. He received a PhD degree from Tilburg University, Netherlands. Prior to that, he studied physics at Lomonosov’s Moscow State University, Russia and economics at the New Economic School, Moscow.


913 дней назад
25 марта 2021 19:00–20:30

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