• 14 ноября 2019, четверг
  • Москва, Сколковское шоссе, 45

Alan Broach (Professional Trainer, PwC): "The Art of Presentation"

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Российская экономическая школа (New Economic School)
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14 ноября 2019 c 19:00 до 20:45
Сколковское шоссе, 45

Alan will show you how to speak brightly, capaciously, interestingly, to be remembered by the audience. Alan understands that many people find speaking in public a daunting prospect but given the right training fear can be overcome and performance significantly improved. The workshop will be held as a part of the Soft Skills Academy.

Alan Broach, Professional Trainer 

Alan has over 35 years’ experience in training people in the art of presenting. Alan’s career was
mainly working for Big 4 accounting firms in London and Moscow (where has lived since 2004) but he also spent 12 years working as a CFO in television production companies.
Alan’s current portfolio of clients includes NordGold, PwC, Acronis, UFG Wealth Management, MEPHI and EWI.